About Culture Japan

A handful of nice rapid prototyping techniques photos I identified:

About Culture Japan
rapid prototyping methods
Image by Danny Choo
Solution Improvement – Sensible Doll

Intelligent Doll is a line of 1/three scale (60cm tall) articulated style dolls that I created with the assist of Google Sensei and 3D rapid prototyping strategies which enabled me to get from blank canvas to market in under 2 years. I did invest two years prior to that on study nevertheless until 3D printers began to become obtainable for consumers at which point I realized that I could model the sculpt in house as an alternative of hunting for a classic sculptor.

The Wise Doll item is a fusion of art and each contemporary and traditional molding methods which enables us to generate a stylish and fashionable line of fashion dolls for an international market place.
The “SM” from “SMART” implies “Social Media” although the rest signifies “ART.”
Sensible Doll is art which connects folks in techniques that an online social media service can not possibly do in an offline planet.

The following video is an overview of what we do for Wise Doll production.

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Nathaniel Hartman and Christie Whisman presenting recycling approaches in 3D printing
rapid prototyping methods
Image by Amy M. Youngs