Cool Quick Prototyping photos

A couple of good quick prototyping photos I located:

fast prototyping
Image by eekim
Day 15 of 2015. This year, I’m genuinely focused on packaging my work into public domain DIY kits that any person can use to assist groups turn out to be larger functionality. These days, my colearning pals — Pete Forsyth, Kate Wing, and Amy Wu — tested a new prototype of our DIY Strategy / Culture kit.

Int’l / Swift MashUp
fast prototyping
Image by R.Rasmussen
.. quickly-prototyping ..

Quickly Antiforensics
fast prototyping
Image by Travis Goodspeed
This disk has detected that it is getting imaged and is sending fake sectors to DD at two.3 MB/s. Ain’t that neighborly?

See my 29C3 talk for specifics on prototyping this with a Facedancer, and my upcoming 44Con speak for details of this faster, standalone version.