Cool Speedy Prototyping Style photos

Verify out these fast prototyping style images:

Aalborg Workshop with illutron
rapid prototyping design
Image by geekphysical
illutron &amp GeekPhysical teamed up to bring an intense 3 day workshop to Aalborg University students. Day 1 was with Vanessa and introduced students to speedy prototyping, understanding from the industry, design in the real globe, design strategies and introduction to Arduino. Day 2 and 3 had been get-dirty days with Dzl and illutron member Christian Liljedahl as they tore into scrap electronics, toys and other ‘junk’ to aid students identify components and their properties, and develop intriguing projects that have been displayed for loved ones, pals, and the public in an exhibition the subsequent day.

Ben Salinas 2 min just before his talk begins
rapid prototyping design
Image by juhansonin
Ben Salinas at UXPA Boston 2014 about to give a speak on utilizing genuine data and prototyping user interfaces.