Good Rapid Tooling photographs

Some cool rapid tooling pictures:

Please Pay Right here 3-14-09 19
rapid tooling
Image by stevendepolo
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Train to Nowhere
rapid tooling
Image by katherine lynn
Post processing:
Not a conventional HDR. What I did was duplicate the image on a best layer. In channel mixer I converted to monotone, then cranked the green all the way up and blue all the way down (IR effect). Then I adjusted the opacity of the layer to let in some of the original color (although I nonetheless desaturated a tiny). There’s also some highlight/shadow tool, Gaussian blur (gradient) &amp a slight vignette.

Somebody’s Watching Me
rapid tooling
Image by Thomas Hawk
I took the shot above Monday night soon after shooting late about the Tenderloin District in San Francisco. I haven’t been out at night shooting for a whilst and it felt truly great to just get out there with my camera. I had a dinner for a non-profit that I operate with in the City that night and just kind of wandered around the Tenderloin afterwards shooting images.

When I got back on the BART to head home I took however one more haphazard shot of the wall that lines the BART station. I’ve been fascinated with the design and style and material on these walls for years and shoot them all the time.

Anyways, I consider I might commence posting a tiny far more about what I’m up to every single day in my Flickrstream. It feels great to speak about what I’m performing and somehow my Flickrstream feels even a lot more personal to me than my weblog.

Been operating super tough on Zooomr. That’s been taking up a lot of my time these days. I am so pleased at the wonderful photography that is displaying up on the web site, I am really in fact blown away at the talent of the photographers that have been joining the web site. We launched this new &quotFind out&quot Tool thing last week and it really highlights some fairly cool shots.

In addition to working on Zooomr I am doing some other factors as nicely. I am heading down with Robert Scoble right now to shoot our subsequent Episode of photowalking. We are shooting the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center again (SLAC). I enjoy performing the photowalking series with Scoble, I can not believe we our on our 11th 1. You can check out any of our Photowalking shows here.

I am also going to begin a photography video show of my own for Podtech. I feel we will get in touch with it phototalking with Thomas Hawk. I feel I am going to concentrate on undertaking interviews with photographers. I am certain I could be hitting some of you up in the next handful of weeks about becoming on the new show if you are game for it.

I’m seeking forward to talking my boys out this weekend to the Robogames in San Francisco as well. Robots make for wonderful photography material.

I’m most likely also going to try to place collectively a public photowalk in San Francisco next week. A couple of out of towners have emailed me about wanting to do one particular and get collectively. I’m pondering possibly Thursday or Friday evening next week if any individual from the Bay Area desires to hang out and shoot.

Oh I also blogged a fantastic photographer Taavi Toomasson from Estonia earlier today. He’s performing some wonderful stuff.

Anyways, getting conversational is something that is a bit new for me in my photostream, but I type of like it and believe I may begin much more standard updates as to what I am up to and operating on with photography.

A slogan has been resonating in my head for the past year or so. And that is that the best photographs in the world have but to be taken. I’m not positive why I am stuck on it. But to me it speaks of hope and photography and the promise that wonderful art and great creation lay ahead for all of us. So I consider that’s how I’m going to finish the posts that I create here: The greatest photographs in the globe have yet to be taken.