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Smooth Operators: How Feeligreen Is Disrupting The Beauty Industry
As a technologies business, we are used to agile item development and rapid prototyping, whereas the standard health-related and cosmetic industries have significantly longer development cycles. The worldwide beauty devices market is predicted to grow from $ 19bn in&nbsp…
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Android as a Prototyping Platform: A Case Study
Like on any fantastic style project, everything constantly starts with pen &amp paper. Pen and paper are invaluable tools for rapid prototyping. You get an understanding what is required with no obtaining to write any code. And greatest of all you can do it collectively with …
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Pittsburgh jobs for 2/29
Facebook&#39s Oculus VR is seeking a Pc Vision Engineer with a master&#39s degree or doctorate in pc science, computer vision, machine finding out or a related technical field who has quick prototyping capabilities. Alcoa is seeking an Administrative …
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