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The Making of Wise Doll
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Image by Danny Choo
Style &amp Mold Preparation
The software we use to sculpt the physique is a 3D software program package known as ZBrush.

ZBrush data is then imported into 3D Max for numerous tweaks and to make confident every thing moves and fits collectively.

We utilised two diverse types of CAD packages for the frame – SolidWorks and Pro/ENGINEER.

The face is initially mirrored but then manually tweaked so that its not unnaturally symmetrical.

We use a application named Netfabb to prepare the information for printing.

Back then, I utilized a 3D printing service in Tokyo known as Digimode – all I required to do was to submit my STL information and a couple of days later they would send back the parts.

Digimode used the Envisiontec Ultra rapid prototyping machine to print the parts.

The bits that you see attached to the bottom of the bust are called Assistance Structures which need to have to be snapped off and sanded down.

This is the very first time I see my creation as a complete ^o^ The subsequent step is discussed in the following section &quotSoft Vinyl Mold Preparation.&quot

Now that the body shell information is complete, we need to have to tweak the internal frame data primarily based on findings from our 3D printouts.

We utilised a 3D printer that printed in nylon as it was the optimum material required to see how joints rubbed against and fitted with each and every other.

We tweak the data based on the 3D printouts and repeat the method a zillion instances until we really feel the design is optimum.

The frame is going to be injection molded so we want to prepare the mold data. This process was way far more complicated than I imagined and involved knowledge of material flow, cooling levels, wrinkling, warpage, mold temperature, injection pressure and so forth etc – all that and a lot more just to know exactly where to put the pieces in the mold and exactly where to attach the runner gates.

Right after a although, we managed to get our personal 3D printer which we started to use for production (overview here). Just like before, we prepare some STL data of the part to be printed and load it into the printer application known as PreForm.

Preparation of the printer by pouring in the clear resin.

An ultraviolet laser beams up from inside the printer and hits the bottom of the tank to remedy the resin.

This hand can take amongst 2 and six hours depending on the layer thickness setting.

The printed parts are then removed from the Create Platform.

To use this printout for our doll production, I reduce off the Assistance Structures and then sand down the surface to prepare it for the subsequent step which is Casting. My objective is to create a copper mold employed for mass production of the soft vinyl shell.

Photo collectively with Miyata Noriaki who I developed the frame with.

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