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Bottom Line: The WorcShop present artisans with space to discover and grow
“But the sawdust is messy and flammable, and so considerably of what we are operating with right here is precision machining and demands a clean space,” he said. “We are also hoping to obtain a plastic injection molding machine. That would let for fast …
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Kickstarter: Entirely 3D Printed FreeBird One particular Drone Gives Industrial
Untitled While most of you are aware by now that 3D printing is enabling for massive strides in manufacturing, impacting several and essential sectors substantially—with standouts like bioprinted complicated structures and space rockets, we all know also …
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Italian Firm ZARE Cuts Manufacturing Expenses 50 Percent with Stratasys 3D
Following 50 years in the field of precision mechanics, Italian firm ZARE Prototyping became an independent fast prototyping service provider back in 2009. Now with an array of … ZARE had currently been properly known for employing Stratasys PolyJet and FDM …
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