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Some cool prototype machine firm pictures:

BeBox prototype & BeOS Preview Release – for sale!
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Image by jimabeles
Be Incorporated was an American laptop company founded in 1990, best identified for the Be Operating Method (BeOS) and BeBox individual laptop. Be was founded by former Apple Pc executive Jean-Louis Gassée,

The BeOS ran on the BeBox, but was later ported to Apple Computer’s Power Macs.

This is 1 of the very first 100 BeBox computer systems, hand produced by Be employees, and delivered to software program developers in 1995. These early machines did not have front Bezels, and carried a sticker which said:

&quotAttention! This device has not been approved by the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and might not be presented for sale or lease, or sold until the approval of the FCC has been obtained.&quot

Be did get FCC approval in 1996. Only about 1800 total BeBox’s were ever sold.

Installed in the unit is the original Altatron motherboard. No memory and no CD Rom (both essential to get the machine to run).

The seller suggested, &quotPersonally, I would run 4.five.2. 5..three will run on this machine, make sure you have the PPC version, not the Intel version. There are some quirks which should not effect this machine (blinkenlights won’t work on production machine, and so forth….). Also, make confident you select your VGA card wisely. A Matrox Millenium card must function well with 5..3.&quot

&quotThis is diverse from the BeBox’s that have been actually sold to shoppers (developers) in 1996. There are numerous much more ‘connections’ on the rear which didn’t make it into the production units, and these units didn’t have front bezels, or the cool dual CPU lights (blinkenlights) that the production units had

&quotThis did not come with a keyboard, mouse or show. Be didn’t sell these, rather they decided to use market requirements… this can use regular Computer mice / keyboards.

&quotThese use old-college RAM SIMMS. Particularly, 72 pin 60ns RAM SIIMMS.