Nice Rapid Prototype Service photographs

Some cool rapid prototype service images:

RapidRide coach 6000 prototype
rapid prototype service
Image by Oran Viriyincy
The very first of a hundred new BRT coaches to be delivered for King County Metro’s RapidRide BRT service. RapidRide is arterial BRT operating on five corridors all through King County starting with the A Line in 2010 in south King County.

Prototype like crazy v.02
rapid prototype service
Image by juhansonin
Very first cut at ‘Prototype like crazy’ style axiom.

Missing slides:
2x in hand meet pencil
2x about fast prototyping and group gropes in Churn child churn
1x in critique section

The present Churn section is a whirlwind blast… 3 seconds per slide to illustrate modify over time. Some of that style is… ahh.. eww.