China Prototype Manufacturer

As a leading rapid prototyping manufacturer China based for 10 years, we have served abroad clients from Europe, Japan & North America for prototype engineering projects.

Our major services cover rapid prototyping, prototype engineering, precision machining, injection molding, pressure die casting and sheet metal fabrication. With state-of-the-art technology & solid prototyping experience, we have successful cases in different fields, such as electronics, automotive, machinery, medical devices, communication, sporting equipment, mechanical components, etc.

The goal of our company is to become the best rapid prototyping supplier in China, by providing customers with high precision metal CNC machined parts & quality plastic prototypes at highly competitive prices.

Quality decides everything for any Chinese rapid prototyping manufacturer that wants to win business competitions. No matter one single part or 1,000 components, we check all dimensions to ensure they are at good quality. In addition, we never stop improving our prototyping services and part quality.


Professional Team

More Than Advanced Machines.

We do believe that modern machinery is not the most important aspect for one of rapid prototyping manufacturers China found. Only the right persons with solid experience & advanced technology can make accurate prototypes in a productive economical way.

The key management team consisting of 5 persons in the factory, all of whom've been involved in engineering & related industries for more than 25 years. They understand the truth of rapid prototype engineering fully and know how to solve manufacturing problems.

Additionally, we have 30+ well-trained and skilled technicians. Most of them have been together with the company since it was set up. They will guarantee highest prototype quality and factory's continual development.

Our professional sales team is very good at initial engineering evaluating, which is not only fluent in English speaking and writing. They can communicate with clients for any manufacturing issue correctly because they all have strong engineering background.


Business Principles

Quality For Life.

We believe business life depends on their long-term product quality. To survive today's hugely competitive market, we have applied strict quality control system on all prototype manufacturing processes to eliminate any potential mistake on production.

Time Is Money.

To help clients shorten product development time, we try our best to save prototyping time for them. Once order is confirmed by clients, raw material will be immediately purchased and a detailed manufacturing schedule will be made out. We never break our promises to deliver prototypes on time.

To become the dominant rapid prototyping company in China, we have learned to know how to achieve the highest prototype quality that customers need and save all possible costs and max time to assist them succeed.

The success of customers will bring return to our factory as well. That is what we truly believe.


Worldwide Customers

Because of continuous development in past years, our company has served hundreds of direct and indirect customers in mainland China and other countries, which primarily include Toyota, Tupperware, Midea, Huawei, Gree and Guangri. They are completely happy with our service and have continually cooperated with our factory for many years.

As one of distinguished high precision rapid prototyping manufacturers China grounded, we always try our hardest to aid customers for any prototyping project.