Precision CNC Milling Centers

As a leading China prototype manufacturing factory, we have more than 15 sets of milling CNC centers and engraving CNC machines mostly imported from Japan and Taiwan, which have high accuracy and manufacture efficiency to make both plastic and metal machined prototypes.

The highest precision of the CNC machines is 0.02 mm and maximum travel distance is up to 2000x1300 mm.


Wire & Sinker EDM Machines

As one of the dominant Chinese prototype manufacturing suppliers for more than 10 years, we own several wire cutting EDM and sinker EDM facilities purchased from Japan biggest producer named Sodick, which are the best choices to machine high precision prototypes in small volume without making expensive tooling.

The accuracy limit of wire EDM machines is up to 0.003mm. Besides, our sinker EDM machinery can achieve finest surface finish lower than Ra 0.8.


Advanced Turning Lathes

As a reliable China prototype manufacturing company, we have no less than 10 sets of modern CNC turning lathes ordered from Taiwan. Many lathes have auxiliary working units to proceed complicated features such as milling or drilling on the product sides.

The best tolerance can be reached is 0.002 mm. These machines are good at making round-shape prototypes.


Molding & Casting Machines

Being one professional China prototyping manufacturing maker with solid experience, our company has state-of-the-art equipment for plastic injection moulding and presssure die-casting, which are mainly produced in Taiwan.