Raw Material Inspection

The professional QC team of our company will check all raw materials when they are ordered from market. Not only the general issues like dimensions or hardness has to be inspected, composition will be analyzed also.

Any raw material has to qualified to meet customer's specific requirements. Chemical composition report will be offered to clients together with made prototypes on shipment.

In addition, if clients need, ultrasonic testing can be also provided.


In-Process Quality Assurance

In the manufacturing stage, no matter any process is finished, prototypes would be checked to make sure each dimension is correct.

Our QC team will write down every size and immediately ask manufacturing department to make adjustments when any dimension is wrong.

Inspection gauges would be purchased or produced to guarantee critical dimensions right at any time. But complete inspection has to be taken time by time.


Final Prototype Inspection

Once prototypes are completely finished, a full inspection will be arranged to inspect all quality issues, with support of our advanced inspecting equipment for instance CMM and projector.

A detailed & professional inspection report would be generated and provided to clients before shipping.


Outgoing Quality Guarantee

Each cargo has to be checked very carefully before final shipment to eliminate any kind of potential mistake.

Based on a detailed package list and right packing method, prototype quantity, contact detail, shipping address, material report, inspection report will be double checked.