Rapid Precision Machining

As one dominant rapid prototyping services China supplier, we provide the full range of rapid machining services to make machined prototypes for customers, including CNC turning, CNC milling, wire EDM cutting, CNC engraving, tapping, precise grinding, sinker EDM, 5 axis milling and laser cutting, etc.

Large-scale metals and hard plastics will be machined, including aluminium, bronze, titanium, stainless steel, brass, iron, carbon steel, PC, Nylon, POM, PMMA, Delrin, PEEK, ABS, etc. Our specialty is to machine tightly accurate prototypes and complex large size parts quickly with highest quality results and finest tolerance as low as 0.001mm.

Rapid machining is an economical, efficient and precision way of producing prototypes from production-grade raw materials, which is ideal for small batch of products, normally ranging from 10 to 1000 pieces of parts.

Good quality, fastest response, competitive price and satisfied customer services have assured our factory to be most competitive rapid prototyping services China provider to serve customers across the world.


Quick Plastic Injection Molding

Injection moulding is a chief rapid prototype service in China to produce low-priced mold for simple parts or complex components in short manufacturing time, which is a perfect choice for medium volume to thousands of completely functional plastic products.

To reduce production lead time of injection moulded prototypes, we select soft material such as P20 tool steel or 7075 aluminium to produce all cores, cavities & ejector plates, which would be inserted into master mold bases chosen directly from our warehouse. Cooling system and expensive components might be cancelled to save costs and time.

To make polished or high gloss products, which are mainly made from PMMA or PC plastic, the polished stainless steel NAK-80 will be selected as mould raw material.

If customers need to manufacture more than 10,000 parts, we would produce full-function injection moulds, which maybe have up to 30 cavities and advanced function like multi slides, hot runners or unscrewing. Moulds will be fully complied to western standards and can be exported for client's own runs.


Instant Pressure Die Casting

Pressure die-casting is one of the important rapid prototype services in China. Both die casting tooling and moulded parts could be designed and produced quickly by us based on different materials like Aluminum, Zinc or Magnesium alloys, usually according to the intended usage and the potential production volume of customer's parts.

Die casting with high pressure is an efficient process of making metal to required shapes by forcing molten alloys into pre-hardened tooling, which requires expert analysis and on-site control to produce top quality casted components in China.

To make casting moulds, we'll use H13 tool steel with rockwell hardness about 42 to 48, which is applicable for most projects. Other different materials can be applied for tooling depending on diverse needs of clients in various industries.

Varied surface treatment can be employed, including polishing, sand-blasting, plating, anodizing, printing and painting, to match distinct materials and designs.


Fast Sheet Metal Fabrication

Metal sheet fabrication is a powerful service to form fast steel prototypes from sheets of metal. Our company has a complete range of capacities to handle sheet metals, which includes bending, staking, shearing, laser cutting and stamping, as well as general processes counting tapping, counter-boring, drilling and countersinking.

If clients require small amount of prototypes, we'll produce parts by laser cutting to save tooling costs and lead-time. In the case of large quantities are needed, stamping tool will be produced to stamp parts in mass.

Through years' efforts, one mature welding technology called auto-welding has been developed by our company. Clients benefit greatly from the process, because not only the welding lead time is reduced, but also complicated components could be shaped.