And lastly: Apple VR hype

And finally: Apple VR hype
Tim Cook has got the internet rumour mill all in a spin following comments he made throughout the Cupertino organization&#39s newest earnings call. … Add to that a report in the FT that claims Apple has a &quotsecret team… of specialists in virtual and augmented reality …
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New Foldable Battery Requires Cue from Chinese Calligraphy
Scientists in China have created a flexible, rollable, foldable battery inspired by traditional Chinese calligraphy involving ink on paper. Worldwide demand for versatile electronics is swiftly growing, since the technologies could allow such factors …
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Rising tide of clean energy
In spite of a slower commence than many would have liked, last year wind primarily based renewable electrical energy made up 11% of generated power. Regardless of the success, even so, … “And we are adamant we are not producing these turbines in China or the Far East. We want to …
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