Embracing a design and style-centric culture

Embracing a design-centric culture
A deep understanding of user needs and an ethos of shaping an organisation, service or solution around that user drives the concept of style-led innovation. By means of study, fast prototyping, continuous feedback and experimentation to provide rapid …
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Scientific And Technical Achievements Recipients Announced
LOS ANGELES — The Academy of Motion Image Arts and Sciences (www.oscars.org) announced that 10 scientific and technical achievements represented by 33 individual award recipients will be honored at its annual Scientific and Technical Awards&nbsp…
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ILM, Laika, DreamWorks, Imageworks, and Rhythm &amp Hues Among Sci-Tech Academy
Some of the technical achievements have made a direct impact on the visual look of animation on-screen, like Laika&#39s advances in fast prototyping, although other innovations let artists to do their job much better at the studio, like Rhythm &amp Hues …
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