Design Expo

Design Expo
“The challenge was a wonderful way to encourage our freshmen to get creative and operate together to resolve an open-ended dilemma,” says Dustyn Roberts, assistant professor of instruction. Sophomores had … The five,500-square-foot Design Studio in Spencer …
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Give Them a Hand: Aaron Brown and e-NABLE Make Super 3D Printable
Rather than requiring motors and sensors to move the fingers, the style in fact utilizes Liam&#39s own arm and wrist movements to close the fingers permitting him to grip objects. The pair named Liam&#39s prosthetic the Robohand and released their style to the …
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Charter Schools Have An Awkward Secret: They&#39re Not Really Very good At Innovating
His requirements—no far more than 15 little ones, no far more than three educators, and no middle management—are designed to induce Silicon Valley-style speedy prototyping. &quotTo actually preserve a founder of a college focused on that pilot, the way a application founder can&nbsp…
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