GameDevsLikeYou Interview With Paul Tozour

GameDevsLikeYou Interview With Paul Tozour
Most lately he&#39s been co-founder of Mothership Entertainment in Austin, TX. They&#39ll be announcing their first approach game release in the fall, to be published by Stardock Corporation. Element of what I&#39m experimenting with, as this is of course a …
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Singapore debuts stealthy naval interceptor ahead of 50th anniversary parade
The Republic of Singapore Navy&#39s Specialised Marine Craft is getting shown to the public for the first time because it became operational in 2009. The vessel on parade is visibly less equipped than the model shown in a publicity video, suggesting that this&nbsp…
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Killer robots are coming subsequent: The subsequent military-industrial complex will
What remains undecided is whether or not robotic war machines will grow to be completely autonomous. Will they choose their own targets and pull the trigger without having the approval of a human? Will there be an arms race in robotic weaponry or will limits be set on the …
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