Gentlemen, Begin Your 3D Printers!

Gentlemen, Begin Your 3D Printers!

BrickArms Brodie Helmet Improvement – Prototype, Very first Post, and Final Production Samples
prototype injection molded part
Image by enigmabadger
Organizing my collection the other day, I realized I had samples of each step of development of the BrickArms Brodie Helmet, so I thought I’d take some photographs to document the improvement of this accessory:

Prototype – Utilised to test Will’s CAD design and style. Developed utilizing hand-injection of an aluminum prototype mold Will reduce utilizing his individual CNC.

Eventually, Will submitted this style as effectively as other helmet styles to his tooler for function to begin on the production mold to develop new BrickArms headgear

1st Report – Created from the new solid steel, professionally-tooled production mold (called a &quottool&quot in production terminology) as it was becoming created to ensure the components are precise to the Will’s styles and function as need (correct fits, grips, etc). Primarily based on testing of the first articles, Will then communicates with the tooler for any additional work that wants to be accomplished to the tool (recutting, polishing).

Very first articles are not prototypes at that point in the production process, the design itself is finalized, and the mold utilised to make them is tool from which the production components will be produced. Articles aren’t tests of styles but of the tool itself.

A single neat portion about the above Brodie article: notice the 1st write-up lacks the matte finish of the final production element. This is because this write-up was produced ahead of that texture had been applied to the mold

Final Production – When Will approves the mold for production, the tooler sends the mold to the molder and production runs of the tool in numerous colors can commence!

Three various accessories, each and every one particular a piece of BrickArms history!

Gentlemen, Start Your 3D Printers!
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