Rapid Prototyping in China

As one of the best rapid prototyping China producers, our company is good at making high precision metal parts and large plastic products rapidly to serve global customers with all kinds of fully functional prototypes.

The factory is devoted to turning customer's concepts into reality by offering a wide range of rapid prototype services, including CNC machining, custom sheet metal fabrication, rapid plastic injection molding, pressure die casting, 3D printing, vacuum casting, rapid tooling, aluminum extrusion, SLA, SLS, etc.

By working closely with clients to clarify their requirements, we will come up with practical ideas to design and produce prototypes. We can do hand-drawing, 3D CAD remodeling, product rendering and technical drawing for all necessary designing jobs before moving on to final prototype manufacturing stage.

Thanks to our solid and reliable precision prototyping experience, huge manufacturing capabilities and advanced machines, we'll provide customer with proven solutions in limited time to manufacture the highest quality prototypes at very competitive prices.


CNC Prototype Engineering

As one outstanding rapid prototype China manufacturer, we'll offer precision prototype engineering services for customers, ranging from engineering design, function testing to manufacturing of highly complicated and intricate products from different materials.

The unique prototype design & development process grants customers to begin with a simple sketch, where we'll come up with all matters of product engineering, along with eventual prototypes to prove the innovative ideas with fully designed quality models.

As a perfect example, professional jigs and fixtures could be designed and machined according to client's special requirements in different industries. Material, processes and surface treatment will be planned correctly by the company's experienced engineering team. The strict tolerance can be obtained by state-of-the-art machining capabilities to guarantee fixture's required functions.

In addition, continued success in designing and manufacturing automation components has leaded us to be the most reliable China fast prototyping and engineering company.


High Precision Machining

As a professional rapid prototyping China company that has worked on rapid prototype industry for 10 years, we will supply precise CNC machining services to make accurate CNC machined parts and high quality turned components for clients around the world.

Our machining services cover the full range of processing methods, which include CNC milling, CNC turning, wire EDM, sinker EDM, precision grinding, 5 axis milling, custom engraving, 4 axis machining, deep drilling, laser cutting, micro CNC machining, etc.

High precision CNC machining parts can be made of major metals & most hard plastics, including Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Titanium, Bronze, Iron, Stainless Steel, Nylon, Acetal, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, PEEK, PBT to clients in various industries like communication, machine tools, automotive and electronics.

Highest quality, lowest prices & fast delivery are promised. With the great efforts in past years, the factory has developed to be one of the leading fast prototyping Chinese makers for precise machining parts and low volume production small batch of prototypes.


Rapid Tooling Solutions

As a reliable rapid prototype China factory, we have cost & time effective tooling making systems to produce low to medium volume production parts to help business save time and money in product development.

A wide variety of moulds or tooling could be made based on our rapid tooling services, including plastic injection molds, pressure die-casting tooling, sheet metal stamping tools, polyurethane vacuum casting moulds, aluminium extruding tooling, etc.

Our services are distinguished for utilization of the most advanced concepts, prototypes, low-volume rapid tooling processes and materials in the creation of moulds through applications of high-speed CNC machining to save tooling production lead time.

Our factory is committed to all in-process testing, inspection and measuring tooling performance. Client feedback is encouraged and solicited to insure that we are constantly improving processes & business practices. Time proven performance has allowed us to earn the coveted position of a being chosen as a strategic partner to many of our clients.