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Guangzhou Klarm Prototyping Limited
#16 Jiangcheng Road, Shiji Town
Panyu District, Guangzhou City
Guangdong Province
China 511450

24/7 Support: +86.189.2317.7187

Telephone: +86.20.3486.3083
Facsimile: +86.20.3486.3085

E-mail: prototype@klarmgroup.com
Website: www.rapidprototypechina.com

Business License: 440126601104680
Tax Registration: 440921197708103887


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As one of dominant CNC prototype machine shops in China for more than 10 years, we understand how to help clients manufacture and prove their ideas with price competitive rapid prototyping services.

As we know, old days of holding a prototype with duct tapes & bailing wires has become history. But prototyping spirits are the same as before. We will try our hardest to make everything out of anything.

We have state-of-the-art modern machines & carefully comply to design requirements. Our factory never stop striving to improve the prototyping processes and maximize the convenience for customers.

Our customers come from a wide scope of fields, from machining to Engineering. We focus on prototype quality and customer service at any time and commit ourselves to becoming the leading prototyping machine shop in China to serve global clients.


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metal fabrication

precision engineering

cnc machining

As an advanced Chinese prototype machine shop, we not only provide prototype making services for customers for existing products but also help them develop any brand new products.

Our factory will offer the right combination of experience, technology, accurate machines and satisfied services to support customers to pass the entire production stage from ideas to real products.

We have a skillful Engineering team, which will bring value-added services to worldwide high-tech companies to aid them to avoid potential prototype manufacturing mistakes.